Questions for you:
Victoria Lamb Hatch

  1. The IRS themselves admitted to the targeting and even apologized for it. I am trying to measure the depth of your ignorance of the issue. Either you have been living under a rock or are such a zealot that you have formed a bubble of your own reality around you in which you live. The depth of the targeting itself will never be known because of a “hard drive crash” that somehow escaped all the backup methods our government has in place. Sound familiar?
  2. First, I said government, not specifically the IRS. The examples of which could be anything from sealed divorce records suddenly being published (Bull / Ryan) to Trumps tax returns (which, no, the evidence is that it came from within the IRS). But I guess proper context doesn’t fit your narrative.
  3. Do you want to start with her being removed for misconduct from the Nixon impeachment trial, the way she treats Bill’s victims, or would you just like to fast forward to I completely forgot how to handle classified information because of a concussion (that if true would have mandated she be removed from office until which time she was fit). I flash back to answer 1 which I really have to ponder if you truly live in a reality of your own making or if you are just as ignorant as you seemly are.
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