Saturated Fat Is Healthy. Back to the Future Predicted It.

by Jeff Sarris

On Back to the Future Day we learn Marty McFly and Doc Brown knew that saturated fat isn’t as bad as we all thought.
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We already know that saturated fat has been wrongly accused.

Even TIME Magazine proclaimed that we’re Ending the War on Fat.

This feels like old news to all of us in the paleo community. But this news is even older than we thought.

We all missed it.

In 1985 Marty McFly traveled to the future. He arrived today, October 21, 2015.

You may remember that Marty McFly Jr. was in trouble with the law and found himself on the cover of USA Today.

But take a gander down that front page. Yep, right there.

Doc Brown and Marty knew all along that saturated fat isn’t as bad as we thought. They could have saved us from ourselves years ago!

All kidding aside here are some excerpts from that article. I got a kick out of it, let me know if you do too.

“It’s been said that everything claimed to be bad for you eventually turns out to be good for you,” said Quindara, “and that would be the case whether the anti-cancer effect is due to cholesterol or saturated fat.” The research suggests numerous ideas for followup studies, and upcoming trials will involve french fries, churros, chicken fried steak and eggnog.

We’ve seen our fair share of this over the years:

Reactions to the report were immediate and mostly dismissive, including virulently negative responses from those who did not read it.

And we’ve all been here:

After a pause, she turned to our waitress, “Could I have another serving of bacon please?”

Anyway, Happy Back to the Future Day!

I’ll leave you with a look at Marty and Doc in the real 2015.

Back To The Future In ACTUAL 2015

This article was originally posted on Paleo Porn.