Palermo PR’s Founder, Shannon Sanzone, Goes Abroad

Palermo PR’s Founder Shannon Sanzone will be taking Palermo PR and her fashion and business skills abroad. Shannon will be spending the entire month of June in Trujillo, Peru.

She will be traveling to Trujillo to work with Vive Peru. In Trujillo, she will be sharing her valuable skills with working mothers. The goal is to teach them skills that are essential in becoming and being an independent woman. The skills include hand sewing, pattern drafting, and embroidery along with business development and consulting skills.

Shannon’s trip was made possible all thanks to an instagram post. She was scrolling down Instagram and came across Ventrue with Impact. The post immediately prompted her to find out more, which led to Shannon gathering more information and fulfilling her desire to venture beyond New York City with an impact.

Venture with Impact, which gives professional individuals like Shannon, an opportunity to travel abroad and leave a positive social impact. How could this not peak Shannon’s interest? Giving back to the community and leaving a social impact plays a huge role in her company, Palermo PR.

Shannon has been preparing for her trip throughout the entire month. This Tuesday, Shannon went shopping in the Fashion District for supplies for the embroidery and hand sewing projects. She bought embroidery string, fringe, leather, and other necessities to make her teaching possible. Look out the cool pictures below!

Although Shannon will be many miles away from New York City, where she and her company is based, she is still going to be contactable. Also, check back for more pictures of the completed projects.

Different Pieces of Leathers at Store in the Fashion District in NYC
More leather!
Embroidery Thread
Zebra printed leather and other colors as well!
Look at all this colorful FRINGE!
More zebra printed leather
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