Throwback Thursday: Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop

Feb 2, 2017 · 1 min read

(Originally Published at on November 4th, 2015.)

One of the lesser used gems in Photoshop is the ability to assign your own keyboard shortcuts to a plethora of tools and features within the software.

To do this, click Edit and navigate to Keyboard Shortcuts. A dialogue box will appear and this is where you would assign your shortcuts.

Photoshop CC Shortcuts and Menus — Accessible by Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts or Shift+Cmd+Opt+K (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+K on Windows)

Say you wanted to create a keyboard shortcut for creating Smart Objects, you would navigate to Convert To Smart Object under the Layer menu. Then you can type in any keyboard shortcut you like (provided that it’s not already in use).

You can then easily assign your newly created keyboard shortcut to a Palette button or dial.

Originally published at



Palette is building a new generation of personalized peripherals. Magnetically connecting sliders, dials and buttons for faster editing. Partnered with Adobe.

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