How Palette Gear Can Make You a More Efficient Film Editor

A Review by No Film School’s Piotr Toczyński

By Nina Vasic

Piotr Toczyński did not go to film school.

He is a self-proclaimed, self-taught film editor with a background in Civil Engineering. So we’re not surprised he appreciates efficiency in his workflow.

Piotr, who goes by Cut to the Point online, reviewed Palette Gear for film editing. The verdict? It’ll make you a much more efficient editor. Read on to find out exactly how.

What is Palette Gear?

Palette Gear is a versatile, modular controller that can be used to control many different applications, making it ideal for creatives who work across multiple apps like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Lightroom, Photoshop, Audition, Google Chrome, Spotify, and much more.

Here is how Piotr applies Palette Gear to his editing workflow for maximum efficiency:

How to Use Palette Buttons in Premiere Pro

According to Piotr, “buttons are best for the things you can toggle on and off. I used it for linking clips, for ripple deleting and adding edit points to all tracks.”

Sure you could also assign a keyboard shortcut to do this, but there’s just something about hitting the Palette arcade-style button that is so much more satisfying.

One of the best features of using Palette buttons though is macro mode (currently in beta). Piotr explains:

“Let’s say I would like to move the selected clip up by 2 tracks, change its color label, adjust gain by 10 dB and slow it down to 50% with ripple editing on the timeline. To do it you’d need the following keystroke sequence: 2 x Alt (Option) + Up, label shortcut (you need to customize it first), G, 1, 0, Enter (Return), Ctrl (Command) + R, 5, 0, 4 x Ctrl (Command) + Enter, Enter. Not anymore.”

Read the full article here to see how Piotr does all of these actions with just the click of a button.

How to Use Palette Dials in Premiere Pro

Palette dials are great for nudge and jog, or setting the X and Y position in Premiere. Remember that you can turn a Palette dial to jog through your timeline or press and turn the dial for faster scrubbing.

Here’s how this will make you a more efficient editor:

“Quite honestly, moving graphics elements has never been easier. No more moving between the timeline and Effects Control panel. By using a dial for that purpose you can stay in the timeline and very precisely move the graphics elements in the frame. Pretty cool.”

Read on to see how he uses Palette for Lumetri Color Effect as well.

How to Use Palette Sliders in Premiere

Sliders are best used for functions that have a max and min point in Premiere since you can custom set the range for each slider. For instance, you can use a Palette slider for controlling the scale of a clip. The best part about it?

I don’t have to move between the timeline and Effects Control panel to change the scale. I can keep looking at the footage while adjusting its value.

How to Assign Even More Functionality to Your Kit

How many things can you actually control with Palette Gear? After all, there are only 7 modules in the Expert Kit, does that mean you can only assign 7 functions?

Nope! By creating multiple profiles, you can add up to 15 functions per module.

Final Words

If you’re considering trying Palette Gear for your video editing, this is one of the most comprehensive reviews we’ve seen. You can try Palette Gear risk-free for 30 days, so what is stopping you from taking your editing to the next level?

Watch the full video here to see all of Piotr’s tips on using Palette Gear to become a more efficient film editor.