My Story

This past year has been marked with the pain and beauty of letting go, releasing, surrendering. Now it’s time to share my story(ies), also another act of letting go, releasing, and surrendering to what lies ahead and trusting that this is in my highest good.

What I share will come from my soul, my wounds, my joys, my love, my life. I cherish stories and so many beautiful people’s stories have been a light in my darkest hours and for that I am eternally grateful. If there is a goal or a hope to be had here it is that my stories do the same for anyone they’re meant to reach.

We each have our own truths and rights to be. Mine will not be the same as yours and no one has the right to condemn anyone for living a different truth. We’re all here to find our own, which in time will lead us all back to each other because, in the end I am because we are. UBUNTU. Everything I am, everything I do is to elevate myself to my highest and most authentic potential in this lifetime so that my presence here can be a force of love and light for all those I encounter. Therefore, bringing us all back to each other to share in the beauty that’s all around and within us. That’s why I’m here and this is the journey of finding my own truth.

I write the way I feel I need to and the way that works best for me. That means that my format, presentation, and grammar may not be what people expect or agree with, but it’s mine to create the way I see fit for me. It will resonate with those it needs to in the way it needs to and that’s what matters most to me. We humans waste too much damn time worrying about perfecting things and maintaining appearances, whether physically or articulately. Ain’t nobody got time booboo. You just go do you, and don’t worry about how I do me. Start where you are with what you have. This is what I have where I am. I am a writer of things. A dancer of the soul. A lover of life. A lover of love. A modern mystic. And I have a love affair with nature only my soul can understand. Hi.

I’ve never stepped out onto a public platform to express my truth in writing until today, tweet tweet. I welcome you to my story and I hope you find something you need while you’re here.

Love & Light.


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