Struggle to preserve

Life can be overwhelming at times. So astounding that your emotions turn into a tornado that’s coming for you; crushing your mind. I find myself admiring, otherwise insignificant, big-little things all the time. Gasping, sighing I get caught in a whirlwind of thoughts which don’t lead to any conclusions.
It makes me nervous. I get anxious when I stumble upon beautiful things. 
The thought of leaving that place, the thought of clock ticking, the thought of future engulfing these incomplete, raw ideas and questions haunts me.
I wish we weren’t so scared. Only if we could focus all our energy in cherishing, adoring and completing those instances that made us exhale the breath that our body still holds somewhere deep in our soul.

I wish I wasn’t so afraid of letting it go.
I wish I wasn’t so afraid of letting it happen

Kasol Hills, Himachal Pradesh, India
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