Pally April Update

Apr 13, 2018 · 2 min read

Dear Pallies,

We hope you’re all as pleased that spring is here as we are. We fully understand that the recent period has been another month of challenges for Team Pally, but progress is slowly being made in different areas. In this last month, we have managed to line up several meetings with interesting stakeholders who will benefit the Pally ecosystem, including a US accelerator which we are in the interview process for, and Tastemakers, a travel experience platform. We are also pleased to announce our new branding has been checked by IP professionals against patent registers, and it will be rolled out this month.

This has also been a month of refinement and intensive sessions around our business model with domain experts who all have been following Pally from the sidelines for a while. The technical part of the team has been at a stop and start rhythm, but changes are underway with design resources being replaced and more engineers being interviewed whom we have high hopes will be driving the Android build forward.

Due to the growing caution of exchanges to list new tokens, listing of PAL on exchanges is continuing to be a hurdle for the team. Thus far, we are listed on two exchanges with diligent effort continuously being put into getting us onto bigger exchanges. Community input on new potential exchanges is of course, as always, much encouraged and appreciated.

We look forward to more steady progress in the month of April into May and wish you all the best.

Team Pally


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