Pally May Update

May 30, 2018 · 2 min read

Dear Pallies,

The team has been busy across London and San Francisco, growing our community and connecting with new and potential Pallies across meet-ups, hostels and other hotspots in both cities. In London, some of the team members will be at Ernst & Young and Foundervine’s Start up 54 event, learning from other tech professionals and also supporting new founders in their quest to refine and validate their propositions. Further, Pally was invited to the Sophie Hulmes fashion pop-up event in South Kensington, London, where we mingled with some of London’s fashion/travel enthusiasts and spread the word on Pally.

Sophie Hulme collection

New Hires

Currently, the team is looking to strengthen blockchain development capabilities by onboarding a new blockchain developer. We are currently posting job ads in relevant fora and speaking to key people at London’s meetups, the same way we met superstars that have helped to develop the Pally ecosystem. We have also been considering re-booting our summer internship programme which we successfully guided three interns through last summer. More news will follow on this if the need arises.

This should allow the team to continue to progress with mobile development and smart contract-product integration.

New Logo

The new Pally logo will be rolled out across our platforms this summer, inspired by Retro product design principles from the early days of the internet. We have had some great early feedback from test groups we have run this through and we look forward to improving our design principles with further iterations


The team is finalising partnerships with one of central London’s most popular restaurants, which is home to some of London’s younger and very well-travelled diners. The cuisine is Mediterranean and the founder is excited to team up with the Pally ecosystem, having been in the loop on Pally’s growth over the past year. Pally has also partnered with London Run Tours, to enable the Pally community experience London via morning runs with one of the city’s coolest runners.

We hope to continue progressing with exchange listings and other key priorities, as the team is currently in active discussions with Hadax and awaiting responses from other exchanges.

Thanks for all the input,

Team Pally


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The world’s first travel experience ecosystem powered by smart-contract technology. London, UK.

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