Team Pally February Update

Feb 17, 2018 · 2 min read

Hope you are enjoying your first trips of 2018! Thank you to those who have provided beta feedback to the team over the past few months. This has been extremely insightful to review, analyse and prioritise as we progress with product development for H1 2018.

Currently, development work has been focused around bug fixes, U.X improvements and smart contract integration into the back-end of the mobile app. Alongside this, the design team is also working on an extensive branding piece, which should culminate in a refined logo at the end of Q1.


It is fair to note that progress on exchanges is the key priority for the Pally community at this point, and we would like to first thank the community for patience, as well as input on this key area, while the team navigates the tricky landscape that crypto exchanges have become. In September last year, it was very easy to find several ‘liaisons’, who were confident of getting tokens listed on reputable exchanges. Further, it was also easy to apply to reasonable exchanges and get listed within a fortnight. However, in a landscape now where the demand for exchange listings has sky-rocketed dramatically, we have seen Binance for example, become the fastest ever unicorn to profitability. By all stretches of the imagination, this is monumental and game-changing in a positive sense, however, the negative unintended consequence of this is quite clear: listing a coin has become far more than just completing forms and joining vote lists. It’s a full-on project.

In this regard, the team has kept up pressure on our key targets with follow-ups and personal messages to founders. These include Kucoin, Cobinhood, Bridgecoin to mention a few. Applications have also been made to several exchanges including LiveCoin, GateCoin, GetCoin, Poloniex, Bittrex, HitBTC, Idex, Tidex, Bitthumb, Cryptopia amidst about 10 others. In a recent conversation with a very supportive community member, the team agreed to share the google sheet tracker with exchanges that have been applied to, and the status. This would enable the community to have visibility on exchanges and occasionally lend their support in terms of seeing where people have contacts, and so on. More applications will also be made in the coming days and weeks to ensure there is greater progress on exchanges this quarter.

We are keenly looking forward to making strides with exchanges as well as other key priorities outlined. Thank you for your support!


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