Team Pally January Update

We would like to once again wish you a Happy New Year! We hope that the entire Pally community has a great year ahead!

The team has largely returned to London in the past week following a lower-intensity Christmas break where we tried to recharge from a very gruelling few months. On reflection, we are delighted to have had a year where we launched two beta products, grew the community to over 25,000 people across 5 continents and completed our token sale to support further growth in 2018, and beyond. We are also pleased that activities such as token distribution are largely complete, and the team is in the process of looking at the one or two cases where tokens are yet to have been received.


To kick off 2018, a key priority the team has been working towards is listing PAL on reputable exchanges. This process was actually kicked off way back in October last year, working through third parties to initiate applications to exchanges such as Bittrex, to which confirmation is yet to be received from the consultant. We have also received offers from exchanges such as HitBTC. As with most of the blockchain community, it has been somewhat disappointing so see the high listing fees increasingly charged by most exchanges. Given the relatively moderate cap that PAL will have to begin with, the focus of the team is on securing the best value exchange for this stage of our life cycle, where our token can meet the volume requirements and so on to stay listed.

Recently, applications have been made to KuCoin, Liqui and Tidex exchanges, and the team will be making further applications to those initial applications that have already been made.

PAL has previously been listed on EtherDelta, however, the tokens they listed are from the the initial smart contract created before the extension of the token sale. Thus, the tokens are not currently valid and should kindly not be bought by any member of the community, until further notice. We have hounded ED support across various channels but are yet to hear from them, as they seem to have shut down ops for their ICO.

The team is working on the goal to ensure that PAL is trading this month for the benefit of our community.

Product Development

The development team is pulling together an updated product roadmap for internal assessment, to reflect the changing timelines caused by an extended token sale period. The three key priorities the team will focus on over the quarter are:

  1. Pally Social beta bug fixing and UX improvement
  2. Android Development of Pally Social
  3. Pally Adventures UX/UI updates and London beta roll out

Thank you for reading our first team update of the year! More updates to follow in coming weeks on upcoming branding improvements and product roadmap. We look forward to a great year with your support!