Team Pally March Update


Many thanks to the community for the support and input over the past few months! This has been a source of encouragement through recent challenges, as we navigate the tricky terrain of exchanges, alongside other core priorities for Pally. We are continually pleased to hear about Pally users connecting in different cities, and please do continue to send us your anecdotes on social media.

We are pleased to announce that PAL has been listed on ForkDelta in the past week. We are grateful for the responsiveness and support of the team at Forkdelta. The PAL/ETH pair is available on the Forkdelta platform, and we hope this signals to the community that exchanges are still a key priority for the team, and efforts remain underway to ensure the listing continues to happen, and the quality of exchanges improves. The end of this piece contains a link to a google doc that highlights a summary of some of the exchanges we are targeting and how far we got with each. Suggestions within Telegram are welcome.

Architectural work is in progress for the next major update, which will include better search/filtering of cities and other key feature improvements.

There is a user group session planned in San Francisco around Easter weekend, and our product owner will fly out there to network with accelerators and other industry professionals, while speaking to the community in California and taking beta feedback and input on the user experience of the app. The team expects to make the next major release at the end of H1 and will continue to update on this with further information.

The team has also been working on unveiling a new logo design for 2018, to create a more distinctive look and feel for our products, community and material. This design work has been underway since January and the iterations have been largely completed. The new logo will be unveiled on social media channels and rolled out across our website and social pages at the end of this month.

Thanks and have a good weekend!

Team Pally

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