Trump’s victory and the rise of insurrectionism in America
Ethan Zuckerman

An insightful take on the core issues. A serious part of the problem is the complete collapse of a neutral, trusted media, who could carefully distinguish reportage from opinion. Most media now are no more than propaganda mouthpieces for their respective (assumed) constituencies. That is one of the reasons for the shock at Trump’s success: all the ‘shocked’ people were reading only the media that reinforced their own world-view and prejudices. If all you read is the Washington Post or The Huffington Post, you would have had no idea of the latent power of the ‘basket of deplorables’ (what a stupid, stupid tactical error by Clinton- and highly insulting to tactical Trump voters too). For example, I challenged Huffington Post on their editorial byline attached to every Trump-related story: ‘Donald Trump is a misogynist, racist, …etc, ’ -in italics, and asked why every Hillary story did not have a similar comment: ’Hillary Clinton is a dishonest, untrustworthy …etc’ comment attached. The response? My comment was deleted. So much for a free press and rational debate. Then the craven Huffpost announced in October that they were ‘removing’ the Trump editorial comment. Why? Where are the courage of their convictions? By the way, I am neither a Trump nor Clinton, nor GOP, nor Democrat, or any other party or special-interest supporter- I have just observed the very phenomena so succinctly summarized in your article.