Pakistani Hazaras

Pakistani Hazara’s who have long settled in the mountainous valleys of Quetta, Balochistan live in nothing but fear, tragedy and constant grief. In about every street there is one or two house that is still recovering from the tragedy of target sectarian killings that has taken away a beloved family member. The heart piercing screams of a mother crying for her dead son, a grieving widow who is in constant thoughts about how she and her children are going to survive, a brothers rage at the heartless murder of his brother or father have become a constant pattern and norm in the streets of Quetta, Balochistan.

Hazara’s meaning thousands defined the army of the Mongols, who occupied Afghanistan, Hindustan and Pakistan together during the roaring days of the Moghul Empire, are now themselves the victim of systematic discrimination, ethnic cleansing of their Shia faith. The first heat waves of sectarian killings began openly in 1980, at the hands of King Abdul Rahman, who used then means of communication letters, radios, newspaper and printed books to provoke Sunni Afghanistan against the minority Shia Hazara, and to begin the fire of sectarian killing and violence that would begin a decade long continuing violence.

However, even till today times where the world has progressed and understood the need for unity to live in peace and harmony, not for the government of Pakistan who has given social media platforms for terrorists to still continue the violence against the Pakistani Hazara’s. Social media platforms such as Facebook, instagram, YouTube, television and even old media, newspaper to spread the violence propaganda, to encourage violence, sectarian killings, and ethnic discrimination. Platforms of such, in which the audience are international and

everyone is linked globally by the usage of social media, opens the door for such propaganda to spread and instigate people, telling them it is correct to do such horror and no one will be able to stop you. Reason enough, given lack of attention and justice of the Pakistani government who have closed their eyes for the Pakistani Hazara’s who are slowly being slaughtered. Instead of standing in front of a television and pretending to be apologetic and extend fake sympathies to the Hazara, the state government of Balochistan rather stand in front of a television to quote “ We will send them a truck of tissue box, to wipe away their tears”. The cruelty and heartlessness of the Government, heart wrenchingly extends the silent message of their support to the terrorist organisations, which have taken deep roots in Pakistan. The lack of Justice too, conveys another message where, no Hazara is safe, be it Sunni Hazara or Shia; that there is no space for you in Balochistan, Pakistan.

Tragic after tragic, grief after grief, till how long will the Hazara’s have to suffer quietly? When will the time come that Hazara in both Pakistan and Afghanistan can leave their house without any fear? However, No one knows the answer to these questions, not even an estimate as the story has just begun and is close to reaching a climate that is yet to unfold. The many other stories that are yet untold, the many other tragic that are yet uncovered and explored, will only be unfolded and discovered as the Hazara’s plead with the world to hop onto their social media pages; Facebook, Instagram and twitter, to help spread their voice far and wide, so that the international audience may see their plight and raise their voices from their homes, to help the Hazara’s. Facebook and Instagram pages titled ‘Hazara Voice Community’ are pages opened by Hazara youths to allow them the opportunity to raise their voices to be heard.

The conditions of living for the Pakistani Hazara’s have decreased over the past decade, as they struggle with a life that guarantees no life insurance of education, growth, culture and traditions, and most importantly life itself. As they struggle for a breath of freedom in their own country, circumstance are slowly changing, as they become increasingly radical in the treatment of the Hazara, be it their children, elders, or adults. No one is being spared; as radical terrorist organisations take a strong foot hold n Balochistan, in which a government stands there just for the name and show of being called a ‘democratic’ country and having a government in place. While the reality of events show that there is no such things as a government and everything is just a farce to fool the international world, and cover up the wrong doings of a government which has lost control over its state to terrorists.

Hajar Ahmadi

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