Empowering Educational Institutions to Transparent

-With the Help of PALPAP ERP

PALPAP ERP Software Exclusively Designed for Educational foundations to digitize Institution whole administration work process. Since its establishment in 1997, PALPAP have continued to investigate in Educational Sector and constantly meet the client necessity with cutting edge highlights and propelled innovations executed more than 450 Institution in Tamil Nadu.

College Management System is becoming a really essential component of the education and learning system in this modern-day age and gathers all the useful information needed to the management in a few clicks. In the PALPAP ERP system, there are various departments of the education domain which are interconnected on the single platform.

With the role based access rights to different users, there may be n number of logins created in the ERP system for different users according to their role. Users of various divisions get the access to PALPAP ERP software and work simultaneously.

Number of reports present in different modules of PALPAP ERP helps management to keep an eye on the resources and work of different departments of college and plan them efficiently. Browser-based College Management Software can be easily accessed from both college intranet and also public web. PALPAP ERP Software runs on marginal hardware as well as easily fits in the budget plan of college.

We have built the Primary Reports to help the management of educational institutes to optimally manage operations. The insightful reports the software provides helps management track the performance levels on multiple levels — department, faculty, and students. The pro-active student life cycle management along with the operational life cycle management for educational colleges/institutions provides an effective mechanism to drive the growth of the institute.

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