PALPAP — Inspro Plus ERP Software Exclusively Designed for Educational institutes to automate Institution entire management work process. Since its foundation in 1997, PALPAP do keep on research in Educational Sector and always meet the customer requirement with advanced features and advanced technologies.
PALPAP ERP Exam Management Solution digitizes and automates University and Boards Examination processes end-to-end. Increasing automation at every step like enrolling students for each examination, scheduling of exams, exam centre management, allocating students to exam centers, assigning subjects to faculties for question paper creation, alerts and notifications to various stakeholders significantly reduces manual effort, schedule compliance failures and unforeseen errors those all things taken by PALPAP Examination Management ERP. Examination Result is the most-in-demand module by schools and colleges. PALPAP ERP — Examination Management System that could be viably used to make examination plans. This exam administration entryway likewise considers those reasonable exams that must be lined at the end of the examination plan. This Examination Management System additionally gives the alternative to characterize whether the exam results will be demonstrated as imprints or evaluations. Captures students’ assessment progress considering their performance throughout. All the calculations of marks and percentage is done automatically by the software. It only requires the database which is also imported from the excel sheet. PALPAP Individual student reports shows consolidate mark sheet for particular student.
In this module Palpap ERP software provide following information in the report sheet, that have some user interface option like user can select the department wise, individual student wise, semester wise, Arrear list wise and Etc. Palpap ERP module has few more advantage while providing individual student consolidated mark list , that report shows semester wise mark list up to final semester of an particular student, subject code, Subject name, grade, Credit, Internal mark, CGP, Examination year, Arrear count, semester Summary Report shows overall percentage and arrear attempt list. Mass printing of results can be done, if required.

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