PALPAP ERP @ National Engineering College

PALPAP ERP Software Exclusively Designed for Educational foundations to digitize Institution whole administration work process. Since its establishment in 1997, PALPAP do continue investigate in Educational Sector and constantly meet the client necessity with cutting edge highlights and propelled innovations executed more than 450 Institution in Tamil Nadu.
Biometric Report For Staff Attendance, Staff Attendance Strength Report, Overall Monthly Salary, Monthly Salary Statement, Bio correction Report, Staff Cumulative Leave Report ,Staff Report, Staff Leave Report, Staff Gender Wise Report, Staff Attendance Report, Department Wise Cumulative Salary, Individual Staff Attendance, Staff Experience Report, Staff Attendance Report, New & Relieved Staff Details, HR salary Income & PF Report, HR-Finance year Report, HR-Reconciliation.
PALPAP ERP provides an integrated and centralized employee database with filtered search capabilities using that the management generates pay process list for single click. PALPAP System maintains comprehensive employee profiles covering a wide range of essential workforce information, Staff Code, Staff Name, Department, Designation and Staff Type. PALPAP ERP configures employee working hours and employee Leave and Timesheet management based on the Biometric. PALPAP ERP system track late arrival/early departure report to track employee attendance activity for payment process. In this system UI page has used to notice which month of pay process report want to generate. This Report provides gross salary and net salary of the Faculty members of National Engineering College depend on their Biometric Entry.
This Pay Process system monitors the employee Absent Details, Late, Permission, LOP, and Other Leave via Biometric system.

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