Palpap — Inspro plus ERP Software is the main ERP Providers for Exclusively Educational Institutes like Schools, Colleges and Universities. Palpap do continue to scrutinize in Educational Sector and constantly meet the client necessity with cutting edge innovations and components. Since 1997, PALPAP has made solid client Relationship with more than 450 Educational Institutes in Tamil Nadu.

We trust in the alchemical property of education that can transform the students to usher in an economically sustainable world in an eco-friendly way. SRI VENKATESWARA INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY is equipped with qualified professionals and technologists and thereby it ensures to usher in a revolution in the technological space.

We believe in team spirit and joy of living. The profound contemplation of the high intellectual, rational and spiritual personalities into the realm of man’s inner reality and the universe, the purpose of man life and the relationship between man the microcosm and the universe the macrocosm, has ultimately led to the revelation that love for one’s fellow beings is the simple truth which is acceptable to all irrespective of their different ideologies.

Palpap — Inspro Plus Office ERP, especially design the Black Box Module for SRI VENKATESWARA INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. Apart from all executed modules SRI VENKATESWARA INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY additionally Black Box module for monitoring faculty’s. In Office Management ERP, generate the List those faculty members are not doing their work perfectly. Through This Inspro plus ERP the SRI VENKATESWARA INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Management easily analyzes who are working and those are not proper in their work.

Palpap — Inspro plus Office ERP, two kinds of report will be generated. First one is creating hour wise attendance report; Another one is CAM wise report generation. These modules have a user interaction page via that the management view the report as per need. CAM Module in the sense that will shows the list that are all the staff’s not entered the CAM student mark list on a particular time. The Attendance module shows who are all the Staff’s not taking Attendance on a particular time. The results can show hour wise that also display the Faculty Name and Handling Subject, So that the management monitor their Staff’s performance

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