PALPAP — Inspro Plus ERP Software Exclusively For Parents

(Parent Mobile App)

PALPAP — Inspro Plus ERP Software Exclusively Designed for Educational institutes to automate their entire management work process. Since its foundation in 1997, PALPAP do keep on research in Educational Sector and always meet the customer requirement with advanced features with advanced technologies.

PALPAP Product — Inspro Plus Version 6.1 (17th version) is coming with 18 extensive modules with 600 reports of various departments in several reputed Institutes. PALPAP has created strong customer Relationship with more than 450 Educational Institutes in India. Our Enhanced chart Analysis report for Polytechnic College.

Palpap College –Parent Mobile Application used to reduce the manual progress of School/Management Administration and that gives livelihood experience to Parent’s. Using Palpap College Parent’s Mobile App adaptable for all kinds of the mobile OS. Show that Staff’s can easily download and store the app on their phone within a minute.

It is very critical for Parents to keep a track of their child’s performance and the need of the hour is to consistently communicate and get feedback from the teachers on their child’s performance. PALPAP ERP provides parents a simple and easy way to be proactive in their children’s education. Parents will have access to the online admissions system to enroll their children to the school online, have access to the student’s performance, receive SMS & Email updates on their ward’s academic scores and attendance apart from Notifications from Institutes, parents can schedule Parent-Teacher Meeting online, update their profile and contact details, Parents can review the remedial programs advised by the Teacher for their children and can assist in implementing the remedial programs.

Palpap College Parent Mobile App provides following specification to obtain up to date information regarding their Institution Activities.using Palpap College Parent Mobile Apps whole understudy life cycle, so you can influence each chance to enhance the fulfillment of your constituents with one practical venture.

Palpap College Parent Mobile App has Student Profile, Student Attedance with Chart, Student CAM Mark List with the performance Analyzed report, Time Table Changes, Finance, Accounts and Fee Remainder, Student Library OPAC Module (renewal, Issue, Fine), Exam Time Table Alerts, Hostel and Dayscalar Notices, Student Contact Book, Notification and Circulars, Question Bank, Lesson Planner, Feedback, University Result with Analyzed Chart and Etc.

Palpap College Parent Mobile App produced Information can be conveniently shared so everyone stays on the same page. Consequently, miscommunication can be reduced and you can provide customers with the best service possible. The ultimate goal of Palpap College Parent Mobile app is to provide the right tools to make college life easier. It should also be highly functional with a rich user interface.

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