How Do I Create My Own Reality? Part I

This is epic! And yet, so simple.

In fact, some might say too simple.

We humans, at times, like to complicate things and add diagrams and arrows that point to other diagrams and arrows with a hyperlink to another diagram. Well you get the picture.

I wanted to share with you a very important universal law.


I believe Seth was the first to say it. And then Jerry and Esther Hicks expanded on this concept among other things via Abraham.


I want to share with you the double slit experiment. And because it is easier to just show you a video about it instead of write about it, I encourage you to watch the video NOW then COME BACK right after to finish this as I wrap it up for you in easy step by step points. So here is Dr Quantum!:


To sum up the video, the matter or particles behaved or changed in accordance to what the viewer was expecting. So, particles, matter, behave in the way you expect it to behave. As Dr Quantum states, the electron was aware it was being watched! An electron! A bloody particle knew that a device was put in place and someone was watching it! And the observer literally collapsed the wave function of the electron simply by observing the electron. The observer changed the particle to behave differently. The observer created her own reality! Literally!

So, YOU are the OBSERVER of your SOUL. You are INFINITE INTELLIGENCE. Your senses (vibrational translators), your receptors, your thoughts and feelings all affect the matter around you. And yes, YOU LITERALLY CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY. Matter is just energy or vibration. Energy can change shape and/or form. You have the ability to shape and change the forms around you. The relationships around you, the business encounters, everything! This is why I say; you truly are a Master Creator. You CREATE! You mould matter! You send out a frequency and that brings back ‘like’ objects to you. Law of Attraction merely means — that which is like unto itself is drawn.

Now that you know you have this superhero power what are you going to do with it?

It is already common knowledge that when you look into an atom you see its particles spinning around and when you go beyond that, you see a unique code (as unique as your DNA) vortex of energy and when you go beyond that! Here it comes. Atoms, things that we are made up of — when you go beyond the vortex you see NOTHING! Just empty space. I don’t think it is empty — I think it’s the ethers. But I digress.

In his book, Diet Liberation, David Cameron Gikandi, writes of research that has proven the existence and formation of nonphysical fields before the physical objects themselves materialize. He tells us that:

“…even before a leaf [begins] to grow on a plant, its nonphysical outline [appears] and is there for quite a while before the physical shows up. The same thing happens with humans…One of the easiest ways to observe this phenomenon is using Kirlian photography or other such technology. Whichever technology is used, it will demonstrate that an energy form shows up and then a few moments later or sometimes a few days later depending on what is being observed, the physical form itself [begins] to take shape.”

How do we make sense of all of this and how can we put this together?

Well first of all, know that we established you are non-physical energy and non-physical energy creates! IN fact, you create by your focus, intention, and thoughts and the frequency you emit so I ask you, why in the hell are you so focused on the physical stuff? Why are you looking in a mirror and turning the mirror upside down to change the image in the mirror? WHY!!!! It’s MADNESS I TELL YAH!

It’s like going to a foot doctor when you have an eye problem! Go to the source! Go to where it all began and then work from there. This is where people effort, or overcompensate with ACTION to try and change the reality around them. It doesn’t work that way and it’s a lot harder. Why not start from the source. Start from creation.

These are some basic takeaways from the first part of these series:

  • You exist
  • You are the thinker of your thoughts, the feeler of your feelings, the molder of the clay. FYI — Just because you are the thinker of your thoughts, doesn’t equate to the fact that those thoughts are your own. They are organized by LOA and vibrate at different frequencies, on disc, where like thoughts float around with other like thoughts. Not speaking figuratively here, this is just physics people. So, here’s the whipping cream and cherry on top, you get access to ANYBODY’S THOUGHTS, IDEAS, and INVENTIONS! In fact, as soon as you ask a question an answer is there in vibrational form. Remember, the Wright Brothers quote. So, how do you lure that invention, that idea, that cherry to you so you can be the thinker of it, the doer, the realizer of it? By your desire. So I ask you, how bad do you want it? Like you gotta really want it, you gotta want to taste it, throw it down, and just want to feel its breath on your face and sweat a little. You gotta act like it’s already there. Or create a non-resistant atmosphere where as I say, dock the boat at your shore. BE READY! It’s COMING! This is how you create masterfully! You don’t go jump off the deck and go against the tide and pull a rope back with your teeth to bring the boat to your dock. You just stand by the dock, meditate, be happy and 1,000 ships will cast its sail TO GREET YOU! Then you just sift through the data and pick and choose. But here’s the RUB…People write books, and scripts, and glorify the guy who brings in the ships with his teeth to shore against the tide. And to that I say, GOOD DAY! In-JOY! I’ll do it MY WAY with ease and allowance by leveraging the infinite stream.
  • You exist in non-physical and physical form simultaneously
  • In fact, you are playing out parallel realities of the same source (MORE ABOUT THIS LATER)
  • You are majority non-physical (the tip of the ice berg is really the physical form of you, the nonphysical is all that good stuff underneath)
  • You create your own reality by training your thoughts and vibration
  • The higher in vibration you go, the better you feel. #RAISEYOURVIBRATION
  • The better you feel, the more you know you are in alignment with who you really are
  • Feeling the, ‘absence of good’ is distance from you, feeling good is you. It is your birthright and natural state of wellbeing to feel good. That is why ‘not feeling good’ feels so horrible. It’s not your natural state instead it’s your body indicating you have steered off your path.
  • When you are in creation mode, incorporate the non-physical energies in your life more. That which you cannot see but send out a signal DAILY– your thoughts — and use your feeling as a Guidance System on how close or far you’re getting (Abraham Hicks — The Astonishing Power of Emotions)
  • Just as in the experiments listed above, since you are the observer of your own reality and your own life, put out positive expectations and good feeling thoughts. It is LAW that those relationships, people, and rendezvous moments will find you!
  • A lot of people try and change THE STUFF AROUND THEM, basically smiling in a mirror and trying to flip the mirror around to shift their perspective. It is going about it backwards. Start inward and the outer will mirror.
  • If you want things to change, YOU MUST CHANGE! Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Do one thing different from your day and slowly your reality will shift. I always give my clients exercises tailored to them to practice a new vibration.

There is too much to talk about this topic. This is just a bit to tickle your senses and awaken them up to this possibility.

This is just the beginning.

Part II will dive even more to some juicy bits. You just had the appetizer! And we haven’t even gotten to the dessert part of it! That comes with all sorts of secret sauce and sprinkles! YUM!

Image credits: British Maritime oil painting by Roger Desoutter, 1923

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