Infinite Intelligence: The Impact Of Higher Vibrational Frequency

We get asked often with a puzzled face, “What is infinite intelligence?”

What do you mean you channel infinite intelligence or these inter-dimensional beings?

Infinite Intelligence is a term first coined by Abraham as channeled by Esther Hicks, who are collective conscious non-physical beings. Basically, it is the infinite stream of consciousness and divine intelligence, the all that is, the Source of the universe!

Infinite Intelligence as channeled by Pam known as Q, is defined as the All That IS and it is best described as this — picture a never-ending fountain of consciousness and you are a cup. Everything you want to know or question about or wonder in this universe is found in this stream or fountain. This stream is you! You are the ripple in the stream.

Every time you ask where is my lover?

Where is my best friend?

Where is my new home?

Where am I moving?

There is an answer.

There are many probable futures.

The probable futures, your bliss, exist in this stream of infinite intelligence!

When you ask, should I make this business decision?

Should I hire this person or the other?

That is in the stream of infinite intelligence.

When you ask, how can I be healthier?

How can re-align and rid myself of this dis-ease?

Your solution, your vibrational embodiment is within the stream of infinite intelligence.

So, if you are an extension of the stream, and you are the embodiment of the solution and the question, how come you don’t allow the solution in or be it?

Good question, why don’t you?

It is like a tap, you get to the control the flow of water pouring out. You can put a kink in your hose, or you can let it flow.

How do you allow the flow in? By increasing your vibrational frequency! If you want to know some exercises that you can practice in your everyday life to raise your vibration, you can find them in our previous post on How to Raise Your Vibration.

You see, by raising your vibration, the solutions you desire are found on a higher vibrational frequency.

You need to be in receptive mode to let the butterfly solution land on your finger. Otherwise, you scare it away!

The higher vibrational frequency is the conduit to allowing and receiving the stream of infinite intelligence to flow through you and your life so that infinite intelligence can orchestrate the people, resources, finances, and well being into your physical existence!

This is what life’s perfect synchronicity is! These are the serendipitous moments! This is what they call magic or miracles. This is the NORM!

Because well-being and feeling good, and feeling bliss, and feeling ecstasy is your natural state!

I am not saying that is ALL YOU FEEL! Because you are wired to feel a whole spectrum of emotions! All I’m saying is your natural state, or that natural hum or your beingness is happiness. That is what you always, and I do mean always, come back to!

That is why it feels good to feel good. Happiness is the norm. Anything less is just contrast or a moment for you to explore a new wanting or desire.

Go into the contrast or challenge and dance with it and find what new gifts await you in the abyss.

With unwavering love,


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