I want to play with you today, with the idea of a PERSONA = Personality. 
What is it? 
And where does it come from? 
And most importantly, who are you?

Many times, when we play with the concept of a mask. Like a masquerade or ball. We, in the West, interpret that as ‘hiding’ behind something. What if, this is not the case? What if, there was something more empowering with the mask. What if, it is someone you are becoming?

When we look at celebrities, coaches, authors, actors, artists, etc. They have this ‘side name.’ Lets call it. It’s basically another persona of themselves. A version of their multi-dimensional selves.

Because let’s face it, you are infinity. And you are, eternal. What if there were different versions of you, trying to help you out? What if there were assisting in areas you wanted more strength in, more areas you wanted to tap into, like your boldness, your courage. What if they did it so well, basically you, that they wanted to show you how!

Many times, I find, humans, like to put this word in-between their statements, the word is — -> ‘OR.’ You are either this, OR, that! What if you inserted this instead, — -> AND. How does that feel, all encompassing doesn’t it?

I can name a few artist, who play with Persona. Beyonce’s ‘alter ego’ name is, Sasha Fierce. In fact, her album was named, I AM Sasha Fierce. Katy Perry’s real name — Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. Lady Gaga’s real name — Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Need I go further, sometimes it’s not about a name change. But a Personality — Reintegration. I think sometimes people feel, they LOOSE themselves in this persona. But I say, just play with it, and if there are things you enjoy about this PERSONA YOU created or enjoy. Then Re-Integrate it back within, THE ONE that is you, the Prism, that is you.

Is there a version of you that is a fierce entrepeneur? An unapolgetic lover? A confident, fierce woman! A bold, man. Whatever it is, if you play with it, embody it, and act it, like really think and feel, how this version of you talks to people, moves, dresses, lives, deals with challenges, makes decisions. Watch what happens! You literally change your reality because you changed your point of attraction, to a new version of you. And since that version, does things differently, more aligned, more confident, more self assured. The things and people around will change, because, lets face it, you changed! Change is the only constant. It’s as simple as that.

As my beings say, Take what you need, leave the rest. You are always the conductor of your symphony. Why play with one note, when you can play with several. Imagine, the depth you bring, when you tap into more of who you really are. More of your intelliect, more of your heart, more of you infinity. Imagine the possiblities — Endless!

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