A perfect couple.. its all about pizza

I supposed to write about my job, but this is a really non-professional discovery running in my head.

A few days ago, I was sitting in a restaurant with my Mom and her boyfriend and we ordered pizza.

I started eating from the bottom and I took off the crust. My mom ate the crust (sometimes) and her boyfriend ate every pizza crust around him.

Observing this, I had a flashback and I remembered other situation. My boss and his wife; they really look like a perfect couple. Once, we went to eat pizza in a food truck patio. I noticed that he didn’t eat the pizza crust, but his wife, who was not eating pizza, ate his pizza crust left over.

So, ladies and gentleman, this is real love, it’s all about pizza. If you are the one who doesn’t eat the crust and you find that person who eats your pizza crust, now you know!


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