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Real life, Real users’ stories: Laundry time!

Doing laundry while living by myself is such an experience 😬.

I had lived in two places in the city. I had laundry in the building at the first one in Upper Haight. It was way nicer than walking all your clothes a few blocks to get laundry done.

I had the great idea of moving to downtown. My building now doesn’t have a laundry room, so now I’m a cloth walker.
Started doing laundry like that wasn’t that bad, there is a good place a block away. The owner is an old Chinese man, very kind and attentive. He stays all the time at the store watching everything works well and he cares about his clients.

Sometimes it’s a little bit crowded but this is because the service is good and cheap.

Yesterday, my roomie and I wanted to do laundry but that place didn’t open until 6.00 pm. We decided to go to the next door coin-opt.

The place looked good at first, it was bigger than the other one. The woman in charge was really nice. The prices were double, but we decided to stay. Such a mistake! all machines were out of service. We ended up using 3 machines and only one of them worked well. The other 2 machines got the floor all wet and we had to help the woman to dry it.

life issues

Dryer machines also were not working well. They didn’t dry our clothes in a while and nobody really cared about it.

We spend 3 times the money we usually use and 3 times time. It wasn’t a good experience at all.

Besides of that, doing laundry is a pain anyways. It spends at least 1 hour and a half of your life every time you need to do it. Sometimes it is very close to home and you can come back to try to keep going with your day, but when it’s not, there are many ways to improve laundry time.

If laundries had even a little space to put a table, it could be awesome to have a coffee shop close by, or even inside the laundry to get some work done while you are there with your laptop.

Wifi service, coffee shop, library, gym, massages, a bar are some ideas that I can think about right now.