To Immigrants With Love

Dear DACA,

My parents brought me here to be better, to do better. And I never felt closer to that dream than when my work permit arrived in the mail. I never felt closer than when you came.

And while my life, and those of nearly 800,000 more, changed because of the new papeles, I admit, a little part of me shut down on November 8th. But I’m #HereToStay, DACA. I’m here to fight for millions more left out, still living in the shadows. I’m here to fight for you.

To all my fellow DACA recipients — our fight is just beginning. Lift up your chin, stand taller, because no one is going to take away our sense of belonging. No one will take away our American-selves.

I write to you, DACA, so you remember what you’ve done for us and how we’ve paid back. I write with commitment, perseverance, and love.

I write #ToImmigrantsWithLove.


Friends and I celebrated the introduction of DACA at the White House in June. The pink badges were handed out to undocumented (DACA) guests.

A project of #IAmAnImmigrant & Define American, #ToImmigrantsWithLove is a new letter writing campaign, a love letter for allies and immigrants to make public commitments of support to one another. Write your own message.

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