I Took Control Of My Chronic Migraines And Found A Solution That Worked For Me
Sheree Joseph

Great read! I have two articles published about my migraines on this publication…I am a chronic migraine sufferer….its pretty horrible, but i try not to let it get me down, just move forward..but i get tired of the medication for sure.

I’ve tried many many of the things you have spoken about and have a great neurologist. When i read this though i get anxiety. I’ve been through so many “trials” to get things cured and it never ever works…i rarely even get improvement. You speak about this Dean Watson method, but how am i to get that where i live? I feel like i so often fall down the rabbit hole and its so very hard to climb out, because i am no better then i was.

I need the energy to start the whole Migraine battle again…I’m just finishing up an extremely stressful time in my life, so i’m hoping i can start doing a bit more self care, and try and improve things again!

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