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I’m honestly not sure where to start in commenting on your piece here. I’m not a women in tech, but I support the movement. To say that the barriers that exist for women in tech are just “excuses” is so far off the mark. To say that we shouldn’t fight nature, that our hormones are just hormones and as women we should just accept it, is simply ignorant to say. You said “Women are tender, kind, and willing to bring love and harmony because their primary role on the planet is to become mothers”, what a generalized statement! First of all there are many MEN who are tender, kind and willing to bring love and harmony into the world and its NOT because their primary role on the planet is to become a mother (obviously) and there are so many women who are NOT tender, or kind or motherly! For goodness sake!!!!

And your examples of women in leadership are great examples of how women fought stigma, barriers and overcame them, but of these 3 women, how many women failed becuase of the barriers they faced!! Sure, there are many women out there that may regret the amount of hours they worked and missed time with their family, but I bet there are just as many Dad’s would say the same thing.

The women in tech movement does not necessarily mean working 80 hours a week and trying to become the CEO. It does mean that girls should have the same opportunities as boys to make the choice, that women already in tech should be making the same salaries as the men in equivalent jobs, it means having the same opportunities as men, it just means removing gender from the equation.