Meeting a Stranger and The Cycle of Inspiration

Today I met with a company in Zürich. Before going into the meeting, I had no idea I would be chatting with the founder and owner of the company.

The man I chatted with was bright, positive and had a great energy about him — the kind of energy that isn’t fake-able. When I asked: Do you like what you do? He responded without a second’s hesitation saying: “Yes, I love it. Having my own business is the only way for me.” It was clear by his genuine spirit and enthusiasm that this person is truly passionate about what he does.

I asked him about the challenges of starting an own business and he said the start is always difficult but once you get going, it goes. He founded the company in his late twenties and 14 years later, he and his company are still going strong. He also mentioned that learning to deal with unpredictable profits and losses was an important lesson to learn, as you can’t control what happens in the job market — or in life.

Although, our conversation lasted less than one hour, his words and example were enough to remind me yet again; that choosing ourselves will always be one of the most un-regrettable decisions we will make. After he told me about learning to deal with uncertainties, he finished by saying: Never stop believing in yourself or in your business.

I love days like today where I meet strangers who are examples of living boldly and in their own terms. I love days like today because they remind me that we too, can be those strangers of inspiration to someone else, and the person we inspire can inspire someone else, and so on. It’s like a cycle. The cycle of inspiration — a cycle that needs each and every one of us to keep it flowing.