Why Bill Maher’s Apology Shouldn’t Save Him
Ezinne Ukoha

I am sorry that so many allow a WORD to destroy their peace. But here is an opinion that I would hope you would consider. Lenny Bruce famously upset the polite society’s hangup over curse words by fucking using profanity to prove a point.

WE give power to words by excluding their use.

The word given power to hurt in this instance is a word that is racially biased. The irony (and idiocy) that ALLOWS it to be used in countless forms of expression ONLY IF A PERSON OF COLOR UTTERS IT yet is a blow up of social crisis if publically used by a person of lily whiteness … IS ABSURD.

If you want to fire someone, publically shame someone, vitriolic-ally raise fucking hell because someone has INSULTED YOU BY THEIR USING THE WORD?? Then NO ONE should be allowed to say the word, white, black, brown, green, no one.

Otherwise, who is the real racist, here?!?

While I personally detest the word ever since I got my lilywhite ass beat to a pulp by my astonished mother when I called a stupid neighbor kid a “n….r nut!!!!”

(I was maybe 4 or 5 and overheard my dearly beloved visiting cousin say it and I had no idea whatsoever at the time what it meant and thought it sounded funny.)

I knew there was a different water fountain at the nearby grocery store posted “For Coloreds” that I could not understand my mother trying to explain why the public felt a need for it.

I must say I was fortunate to grow up in a home that taught equality for ALL and I never would have even imagined my mother capable of a racist attitude… until I brought home my first black man friend.

Mother locked the doors and hid. The Archie Bunker neighbor had a fit and his son screamed the word. My friend? Laughed. This was a grown man, Vietnam vet and was in one of my college classes. I was mortified, but he laughed.

He finally said, “you can’t get upset with ignorance”.

But we are not ignorant, anymore. But goddammit… we need to stop overreacting to this same old crap. Stop giving power to the WORD.

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