My page is a blank canvas

Let me paint it with thoughts of you

I’ll start with those big round lovable eyes

With the playful curly eyelashes that girls die for

They capture my attention with just one candid glimpse

That thick black beard

Which I would love to fondle

Makes me want to bury my head under your chin snugly

Dimples, deep dimples in your cheeks which make their appearance every time an innocent smile escapes your lips

Oh that smile, so infectious

Your skin is dark and rich with character grit

I long to softly touch your cheek

Standing tall as you tower above me with your chiselled chest

I will surely melt away

Your hair is blacker than the night

It drifts onto your forehead as if to sweep the worries away

Soft and touchable, yet so manly

I dream of you leaning towards me to lend me that sweet kiss

I will most certainly die in your arms tonight

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