Pisces: The Fish

Although I don’t believe in astrology, I do believe I fit nicely into the typical description of a Piscean.

Intuitive? Definitely. I have this uncanny ability to sense what’s on the minds of people around me by the vibes they send out. I can’t explain it — but I somehow know. Perhaps I’m good at reading the subtle hints of body language. I go with the flow. The picture is perfect. ☆Peace and harmony in the Universe☆ (confetti falls). Pleasing people is my specialty. It’s hard for me to say no. Other times I can’t help but say what I really think. I sort of want a storm to happen so I swim against the tide. Surprise!
Dreamer? Oh yes. I can sit for hours and imagine how things could be. Like a dream. When I was young girl I would picture myself dancing graceful ballet movements on a big stage, or at nursery school imagine I was wearing a beautiful ball gown, being very careful not to squish it under the tiny desk. My sister and I (don’t laugh) used to stand in the display window of my Grampa’s travel agency on a busy street in Coventry, England, and pretend to be mannequins (we were closer to being dummies than we thought!)— you get the picture. I had a lot of dreams — Now if only those dreams came true!
Compassionate. Yes, very much so. I care very much about people — be it a friend or an acquaintance. I am tuned in to their feelings and their stories affect me and stay on my mind. It is sometimes harmful to me when I can’t disconnect.
Deeply Emotional? Oh yes. I won’t talk about that here.
Lazy? Check ✔ Unless I am deeply inspired or committed to something, I can definitely be accused of procrastination.
I wear my rose coloured glasses daily and always my heart on my sleeve. My bad.
According to the stars, my ideal soul mate would be a Scorpio or a Taurus. Looking back I realize that my past crushes have indeed been one of those signs — I am drawn to them. My husband is not one of those signs. But then Pisces gets comfortable with ‘most any sign. With him I feel safe, protected and loved. Deeply. The stars were wrong on that one.

But considering science and statistics — I’d have to say no, I don’t believe in astrology. Me being a classic Piscean? Coincidence.

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