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A poem of thoughts about current events

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Anger is a biological, normal protective factor we often feel needs to vanish. Instead, use your anger to propel you toward greater change.

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An action plan to restore your relationship one moment at a time.

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Long-distance relationships require special attention to make them last. You can keep your love alive with these simple tips.

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Establish guidelines for contact.

Enhancing your romantic relationship can be done in many ways. One strategy that can truly enrich your connection is to plan and take a trip together.

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Plan discussion time.

A poem of alone, found, together.

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The debate’s hot topics lead one to emotionally charge their verbal discourses, inciting anger and rage, while those who choose to think or reason are swamped.

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Sometimes unfortunate events lead to reflection and relaxation.

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Instead of seeing the negative, you’ll find seven tools to help you move from a dreaded moment in the day to a positive-focused mindset. A bad moment does not equal a bad day.

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Join me in discovering the 5 secrets to greater fulfillment I found in the journey of life.

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