Where little Venice meets Korea

So after a trip to little Venice the stomachs were churning. Where to go is the question? Well for those of you who don’t know Warwick Avenue/Maida Vale, you can go with Edgware Road, or somewhere else more central, or go boutique.

We took a risk. I noticed this place called Gogi. Korean BBQ restaurant. Hmm, Korean and BBQ now this I have got to see. I’m not all to familiar with Asian food and certainly have never been to Korea north or south.

But not everyday comfort zone, sometimes step out and that’s exactly what we did. What a decision we made. This place was awesome. First of all can we just pay homage to the attention to detail and customer service at this place. You walk in and the whole staff crew on the restaurant floor greets you. That manager runs a tight ship, everyone seemed to know exactly what they were doing.

As we walked in they knew we hadn’t been there before, probably because we looked lost and explained to us the menu in detail giving recommendations of drinks and dishes that complemented each other. We decided to not opt for starters, and launched straight into mains. We went for the shared combo BBQ because what is the point of going to a specialist BBQ restaurant and having a stew… (never understood people that do that). The waiter cooked the various meats to our liking and showed us how to place the succulent meats dripping in the house sauce with sticky jasmine rice hugged in a bed of lettuce which we ate with our hands.

Can I just point out that the eating with the hands just added to the meal even more, not a single flavour was able to escape from brim of my lips. To complement my partner had his beer-Heiniken standard but I opted more for the traditional drink- sujeonggwa. Which is essentially a cinnamon punch (boy was it a punch) with ginger laced in pine nuts. I naively and ignorantly thought, ‘I bet this will be like Ginger beer, but even spicer because it has more cinnamon’. Yeah. Not quite. For me it was rather strong, had a real punch to it. Would I have it again- yes if given to me in smaller quantity. I couldn’t finish it, after having the meal and thinking I want to have dessert, I still had half of the drink remaining.

For desserts I was rather disappointed, bit too American/European I thought with the New York cheesecake and a range of other cheesecake flavours. Are Koreans keen a cheesecake is it a typical dessert, maybe I’m wrong? All these questions were running through my mind. whilst I watched my partner gorge on what looked like the most indulgent chocolate cake smothered in an indulgent chocolate sauce and basil garnish. I just thought there must be more authentic desserts from the country. All in all, this place was beyond amazing. Want to get out your comfort zone, and broaden your eating horizons Gogi will sort you out nicely.

Come again next week to read about where Pamela is eating out.