A Letter to Our Community

Dear beloved Pamperologist community:

Happy new year!

Last year, one of my closest friends went through a difficult breakup. I supported her through several breakdowns. She cut her hair short, put on different nail designs every week, and started taking care of herself by having regular facials and massages. I watched her, just like I’ve watched myself go through many down moments.

Many others in our community, including myself, have all had some difficult times. Sometimes, taking care of ourselves is the first step to regroup and restart.

I look back at the moment I started Pamperologist. While the goal is to provide a platform to pamper your body, the pampering wouldn’t be complete without healing your soul.

I spoke with my friend, Lea, at MIT, and we decided to start this blog series to share other women’s stories about their personal struggles. Social media is flooded with successful and joyful stories, but we think it is equally important to talk about failures and struggles along with the solutions.

Last year, we also saw many incidents that broke our hearts. From the mass shooting in San Bernardino to the Paris attack, from the earthquake in Nepal to horrible plane crashes, we couldn’t help thinking how many families and individuals suffered from these tragedies.

With that said, here is our first story. It is about Sima, an intelligent and beautiful lady with all the possible titles behind her: MD, MPH, FACP, Founder… you name it. While it would be easy to think she has it all, it took a few tragic and touching incidents for her to truly realize the importance of self-caring.

Life comes with many ups, downs, and uncertainties in between. While we cheer for your success and your joy, more importantly, we want to be there with you as a source of strength.

We hope that these women’s stories will offer you a bit of comfort, support, and inspiration. You are not alone.

With much love,
Sophia & Lea

Sophia is the Founder of Pamperologist
She loves having massages to de-stress herself, and go on manicure dates to reconnect with her girlfriends. Her style fantasy is to dye her hair in pastel pink. Maybe one day in 2016? We will see!

You can follow her @sophiaa on Pamperologist. 
Also read her startup story here

Lea is Pamperologist’s Content Marketing Lead.
She’s passionate about finding a healthy balance between work and her other loves: painting, traveling, and being with family. She adores long, rejuvenating facials, and is constantly wondering if she should get bangs.

You can follow her at @e.lea.rutledge on Pamperologist.

The article was originally published on Pamperologist’s website.

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