Ghana’s President Just Put France In Its Place — But He Missed The Mark On These 3 Points

President Nana Akufo-Addo is the man of the hour. His speech to French President Emmanuel Macron left the visiting dignitary speechless and the internet going crazy.

If you havent seen the video yet, feast your eyes.

This video has been viewed, shared, and commented on more than 3 million times — and with good reason.

While the Pan-African diaspora is clapping it up for President Akufo-Addo, its not enough. It will take more than re-heated speeches to change Africa.

We have heard speeches like President Akufo-Addo’s in the past. But we are still where we are. Speeches like this mean nothing without the right actions.

Based on that philosophy, the President missed the mark with these three statements:

“We want our relations with France to be characterized by an increase in trade and investment co-operation, not aid.”

Before African nations worry about increasing trade with France, maybe we need to worry about some old imbalances first.

Like the fact all 14 of Ghana’s French-speaking neighbors still pay a “colonial tax” to France in the form of force deposits. Specifically, former French colonies must deposit 50% of foreign exchange reserves at the Bank of France.

Hold on. It gets worse.

Those nations can only access 15% of the money in any given year. If they need more than that, it will have to borrow their own money from France for a fee. And even then, the nations are capped at 20% of their public revenue from the previous year.

Ironically, France gives a small percentage of the same money they hold hostage back to African nations in the form of ‘aid’.

If this sounds confusing, thats because it is. This financial scam and colonial tax is meant to keep France strong, and African nations dependent.

French Presidents have admitted that it is France that depends on Africa, and not the other way around.

Former French President Jacques Chirac said “We have to be honest, and acknowledge that a big part of the money in our banks come precisely from the exploitation of the African continent.” and back in 2008, he said “Without Africa, France will slide down into the rank of a third [world] power”

Before Jaque Chirac, Former French President President François Mitterand said the following:

“Without Africa, France will have no history in the 21st century”

When Africans realize their own power and unify to protect their interests, we can then engage in fair trade with other nations.

But not before then!

“…At the time of Ghanaian independence, per capita Ghanaian income was higher than that of Korea. Today, Korea is part of the first world. So is Malaysia. So is Singapore. What happened?”

What happened is your fellow Africans were manipulated or bribed into starting a coup for the benefit of the West. Here is the story:

Kwame Nkrumah was the first democratically elected President of Ghana. He is also considered one of the founding fathers of Pan-Africanism — a political philosophy that advocates ‘Africa for the Africans, at home and abroad’.

Nkrumah’s crowning achievement was the Volta Dam, a massive project that would power Ghana’s industrial revolution. But shortly after the dam was completed he was overthrown.

In the mean time, Ghana slid into the dark ages.

This is the realest documentary on Kwame Nkrumah you will probably ever see.

We know that the CIA and other western powers were behind these events thanks to Wikileaks. It was revealed that before the coup, William P. Mahoney, the U.S. ambassador to Ghana, met with CIA Director John A. McCone and the deputy chief of the CIA’s Africa division.Topic one was the “Coup d’état Plot, Ghana.”

John Stockwell, a CIA officer in Africa at the time, elaborated on the coup in his memoir, In Search of Enemies: A CIA Story:

“The Accra station was encouraged by CIA headquarters to maintain contact with [rebels] for the purpose of gathering intelligence on their activities. It was given a generous budget, and maintained intimate contact with the plotters as a coup was hatched. So close was the station’s involvement that it was able to coordinate the recovery of some classified Soviet military equipment by the United States as the coup took place.”

After the coup, the once wealthy nation of Ghana was milked dry. The Volta Dam flourished, continued to make payments to the World Bank and yielded dividends to its parent corporation. 80% of the electricity the dam produced went to the American-owned Volta Aluminum Company (VALCO)

Meanwhile, Ghanaians were literally left in the dark.

Even worse, the Ghana Government was put under contract to pay for over 50% of the cost of the Volta construction.

The lesson learned from this point is that for Africans, working with the West is always a dance with the devil. A dance that you dont lead.

“The Black man is capable of managing his own affairs”

Africa does not need to work with other nations, nor should it. If the primary concern of African nations is their relationship with the West rather than their relationship with other Africans, then the African is as infected with white supremacist beliefs as the Europeans that take advantage of them.If there is anything to be learned from the fall of Kwame Nkrumah it is this:

Those who try to empower others before empowering themselves are doomed to serve the interests of the stronger power.

In order to “move Africa away from being cap in hand and begging for aid for charity”, we have but to look to ourselves, our past, and the resources we have around us.