Why do you PMC?

Are you riding #PMC2017? What is your motivation? Is it?

  • Family tradition to ride together
  • You are Living Proof rider
  • You ride because you have family, friends, workers being treated for cancer
  • You ride in memory of a lost loved one, friend, co-worker
  • You are a former PMC Pedal Partners who now rides in the PMC
  • You are a former PMC Kids Rides participant who now ride in the PMC
  • You are a medical professionals riding alongside patients
  • You ride because you can
  • OR you ride for one of many other personal reasons to ride

The PMC generates media attention to help riders fundraise as well as attract new riders and volunteers. The people who read, hear or watch stories about the PMC, are much more likely to get involved and/or contribute financially to the cause. In order to do this, we need your stories to share with the media. Your personal riding story will have the most impact.

In addition to promoting your story through the media, we will post stories on the PMC blog that will be shared through the PMC’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Google+ pages and more.

Please email alfano@pmc.org with your story, two photos and include your first and last name, the city and state in which you live, and your phone number.

By writing to us, you are providing permission for us to use your story, name/likeness, contact information through the media / PMC assets. We’ll be in touch if we need further information or if reporters are interested in speaking with you.

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