Apple hasn’t “decided” anything; it has made it possible for users to install ad-blocking software…
Scott Hunter

Unfortunately Apple decided. To let programmers and users to do the dirty work…

If users demand it, it must be the right thing to do!! So let the programmers deliver.

What the users get?

  • The power to filter a business model. (After all it is an immoral way of making money* )
  • The power to keep their personal data. (We demand to control our personal data** )
  • The power to receive better content. (This “hunting for ads model” lead to low quality content***)
  • Faster mobile web browsing. Better experience. (We demand the best browsing experience from our iPhones****)

It is really “nice” to give people the “possibility” to block and censor, for their own good, evading the giver’s responsibilities altogether.

After all the users know best !!!!!


* only in the browser/web, not in apps.

** only in the browser/web, we don't have problems with the mobile apps doing the same.

*** only in the browser/ apps have already high quality content

**** and instead of making Safari better, filter content. How about image censorship next? Could make the browsing experience even faster.

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