CryptoBridge inadvertently gave away +$70,000USD

Yesterday a buddy of mine requested me to ask my friends at Kalkulus to see if they knew why the price of KLKS had dipped, I asked them and woke up with a good news for me, but possibly bad news for many people I would think…

In summary, around 20K KLKS had popped in my account, neither I had deposited, nor Kalkulus team had deposited, nor nobody I know. Kalkulus team pointed out to me that they had been warned that some odd movements have been seen on CryptoBridge, a few reported people had received a Christmas present without even noticing.

Kalkulus team received 1.2M KLKS coins 1,204,735 KLKS 21,069 KLKS 61,677 KLKS 10,419 KLKS

1.2M + 21K + 62K + 10K + 20K (mine) = 1.31M KLKS x $0.055 = +$70k

So either CryptoBridge is very generous to some of us, or it has a serious problem issuing coins inadvertently. You be the judge.

Kalkulus team requested me to publish this article to see if CryptoBridge would comply as they tried to contact them without luck, hopefully is a really small glitch, crossing my fingers.

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