#Cryptointerview with @bitcoin_dad

  1. What/who/how brought you to the $CRYPTO sphere aside the profitability? “I saw an article on Yahoo talking about Bitcoin and at the time it was approaching the prior all time high so was getting some main stream attention. I thought it was the next big thing so starting doing some research, and yes I bought the top in 2013.”
  2. How you find these $CRYPTO gems? “Nowadays knowing a lot of traders and who to listen to or not helps as I can only research so many coins. Digging into bitcoin talk is a good start just going through each coin one by one, or even checking coin market cap and then the ANN page to see how active the developer is, github, posting, roadmap goals etc. Im a big fan of marketing and public relations so I really like those type of coins.”
  3. Your highlight and lowlight moment in $CRYPTO? “Lowlight has to be when I was close to calling it quits, got hit on a few bad positions and had to cash out the rest to pay some bills at the time (didn’t start with a large amount) Luckily @cryptocobain did a “bitcoin dad trading fund” where other traders donated in order to keep me trading and really the reason why I am still here (raised 1.5 BTC or so at the time was $700) Highlight has to be where I am today, grinding through all the highs and lows but sticking to it.”
  4. Has $CRYPTO made you a better dad? “Hahah I wouldn’t necessarily say it made me a better Dad. Margin trading BTC x20 on okcoin when getting bugged by little ones is not suggested. I do know now I am able to provide a lot more for my kids now (vacations, gifts, etc.) which I am sure they don’t mind at all.”
  5. How do you explain $BTC/$CRYPTO to your kids? “My kids are still too young to really understand Bitcoin/crypto. But they do know what bitcoin is and me trading is, they do ask “where is it” so trying to explain its on a PC isn’t easy. They are well aware that Bitcoin has really benefited us over the last few years.”
  6. #1 recommendation to $CRYPTO noobs? “Noobs- I would suggest to hang in there, going to be bumps in the road, and not going to be easy, be patient. I am still learning to this day, don’t assume you know everything cause you don’t. Don’t be cocky, be willing to listen/appreciate others feedback or guidance. A lot of people are willing to help for free vs a paid service cause that’s how great the crypto community is. Risk management never all in a position and don’t bother pump groups/chase p&d’s.”

@bitcoindad is one of the most respected guys in crypto. Make sure to follow him, you will surely learn few crypto tricks from this veteran. @bitcoindad thanks for your time, and giving us a glimpse of your life, we need more moms and dads like you in the world.