#cryptointerview with $CRYPTO Wonder Woman @bitcoinmom

  1. How you started in $CRYPTO?
    “Back in 2013, my husband, a retired currencies/futures trader, discovered bitcoin and gave me some for my bday. Down the rabbit hole I went. My 1st BTC transaction was a charity donation to @BitGive. “@bitcoinmom” was invented in Nov ’13 around the time of some US Congressional hearings about BTC, as a way to say, “Hey, not all bitcoiners are about buying drugs or porn.” It was when I saw my 1st @aantonop video that I really started to understand the breathtaking promise of this technology for the world. Soon after in 2014, we hosted a meetup at our home and invited Andreas, and we were all transfixed as we talked with him for hours on a freezing Chicago winter night by the fire in our living room. Magical.”
  2. What else do you do to contribute to the $CRYPTO community? 
    “I’ve got a Ph.D. in literature/culture, which has given me a broader perspective on the historical significance of the crypto revolution. I’ve also done my best to understand bitcoin at a deeper technical level because I want to understand my investment as well as I can, and it’s just fascinating. I learned so much about cryptography and bitcoin by participating in @coin_artist’s crypto-art puzzles w/ the smartest hacker/solver team in the space. @Pamelawjd and I co-founded the Chicago Bitcoin and Open Blockchain community meetup, which now has >1000 members. I copyedited @aantonop’s book The Internet of Money, a collection of his transcribed talks. Since I don’t code, I’ve tried to support the project with whatever skills I can muster. We all have something to give to support bitcoin’s success.”
  3. How do you explain $BTC/$CRYPTO to your kids? 
    “We’ve got 6 grown kids in a blended Brady-Bunch-type family, and they’ve all probably thought we were a little crazy with our bitcoin obsession over the years, although they’ve enjoyed our bitcoin-themed Christmas shopping sprees, fueled by Gyft cards. Luckily, one of them (who codes) truly caught the bug: our oldest, @JackMallers, has become a bitcoin developer and built a Lightning Network wallet called Zap that works great for LTC and soon will work for BTC.”
  4. Whats more profitable in the long run trading or mining? 
    “Both can be very profitable, but I recommend just buying and holding BTC. I’ve never mined. And I’m really not much of a trader; I’m an investor. Mostly BTC, but also a little ETH/ETC, and LTC. My husband is the veteran trader, but I earned some serious cred in our family by participating in the ETH presale without telling him until recently, when I traded it back to BTC. He says it’s the best trade he’s ever seen :D As a devoted HODLer of BTC, I’m proud to say I’ve never sold any.”
  5. #1 recommendation to $CRYPTO noobs? 
    “Listen to Mom: never ever invest more than you’re willing to lose. Ever.
    Oh, and don’t store coins on an exchange if you aren’t actively trading them. And remember: if you don’t have your private keys, they’re not your coins.”

Nothing else to say than we need more moms and dads like Brooke.