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ZCash: Q&A

Zooko Wilcox — Founder and CEO

1. Tell us about your background, and how you ended up in $CRYPTO.

“I discovered the science papers of David Chaum and the book of Bruce Schneier and the cypherpunks mailing list in 1993. I was 19 years old. Nuff said!?”

2. Explain us $ZEC as if we were 5yo? How different is from $BTC?

“Zcash offers shielded addresses, which encrypt your transactions so that it doesn’t leak your information to everyone.”

3. What makes $ZEC superior to other anon coins?

“Zcash chose an engineering trade-off which provides nearly optimal privacy. The encryption technology means that the privacy of your transactions is protected by math, not by any kind of obfuscation. The drawbacks are that it is very computationally intensive to produce the shielded transactions, so it isn’t yet possible on smartphones. Consequently Zcash also provides unshielded (“transparent”) addresses just like Bitcoin’s as a stopgap until we can upgrade the shielded addresses to work everywhere. Another drawback is that the nearly-optimal-privacy design comes with a theoretical risk of counterfeiting coins. To prevent that theoretical risk from becoming a real threat is why we had to do the crazy Zcash Key Generation Ceremony.”

4. What lays ahead in the short term for $ZEC (this year and next)?

“New cryptography which is at least 5X as efficient in terms of CPU requirements and something like 100X as efficient in terms of RAM requirements.”

“Oh, also cross-chain integration with other cryptos.”

5. What lays ahead in the long term for $ZEC?

“Integration into the global economy, maybe secure distributed computation, maybe new consensus algorithm, maybe new governance system, maybe some kind of new type of economics based on social relationships or universal basic income or other discoveries that we can’t even imagine today.”

6. How you risk manage your portfolio? How’d you handled latest China FUD?

“I’m basically too busy to think about investments. The Zcash blockchain pays my company every block for the next three years, so I’m heavily long ZEC whether I like it or not! I handled the latest China FUD by reaching out to Zcash fans and partners in China and asking them how I could help. One of them went ahead and added Zcash to their mobile wallet.”

7. What are your entrepreneurial fields of interest?

“Almost all Zcash! Except I also am a close advisor for my previous startup — Least Authority — and I’m advising Brave/BAT and Tezos. And I love to hang out with Vitalik Buterin any chance I get. And I’m helping out a few other unannounced startups in the areas of cryptography and decentralized computation. Also I’m a single father, and I really want to write a book arguing that an all-meat diet is fantastically good for human health.”

8. #1 recommendation to $CRYPTO developers?
“Two decades from now what reputation you earned during these years will be more valuable than anything else that you got out of it.”

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I would have never thought possible, to send a list of questions to one of the most influential developer in crypto/blockchain, and receive a proper answer. 20 years ago or more, this would have not been easy, I have the internet on my side (thankfully). @zooko thank you so much for your time!

I leave you with a quote:

“Brothers, what we do in life… echoes in eternity”. Maximus

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