#cryptointerview with je ne sais quoi @ZeusZissou

Panama Crypto
Sep 5, 2017 · 2 min read
  1. When you started in $CRYPTO?
    “I first got started in 2012 when some tech geeky buddies of mine started mining this interesting cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. I was fascinated by the prospect of being able to, quite figuratively, build a money generator out of computer hardware.”
  2. What are your interests/hobbies aside $CRYPTO?
    “Ever since I was a kid I’ve been a restless soul, pretty much travelling non-stop all the time. The world is a beautiful place with beautiful people that never cease to amaze. There’s no better, more thought-provoking feeling than teetering in the unknown, discovering everything from a very dark past to a delicious meal or an interesting soul.”
  3. “Family man or living the $CRYPTO single life?
    Single. However, as an avid advocate of hedonistic self-discovery you’ll find I’m rarely alone.”
  4. What are your entrepreneurial fields of interest?
    “eCommerce and fashion. Would you like a pair of Zeus Zissou underwear? Coming soon.
  5. #1 recommendation to $CRYPTO noobs?
    “Get a Trezor, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose and spend as much time as you can understanding the ins and outs of trading, mining, fundamental and technical analysis. If you need guidance, contact me or anyone on the USC Investment Group team about signing up for our private trading group where we cover everything from heaven and earth. Oh and enjoy yourself. You only live once :)”.

When trying to understand a something try to surround yourself (by following) people who really can make sense of the bizarre (for me) things that happen in crypto, like @ZeusZissou. Thanks for your time, we know you a busy man, greatly appreciated.

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