Flash interview with PRO $CRYPTO trader/investor @petersinguili

  1. When and how you started in $CRYPTO?
    “First know about Crypto 3 years ago.
    Got serious only from last year August when the bitcoin price escalated and caught my attention.
    Since then, no turning back! =)”
  2. You never talk about yourself, tell us something we don’t know about you.
    “In my full-time career, I’m a financial professional with one of Singapore’s leading financial advisory firm. I advise corporate and individual clients on risk management and investment portfolio strategies. In the crypto space, I am the co-founder of Singapore Bitcoin Club — Singapore’s First Cryptocurrency trading community.
    We are currently working with best crypto talents in Singapore to raise consumers’ awareness of cryptocurrencies through our public seminars and workshops; and to promote greater understanding and knowledge of cryptocurrencies as financial assets through practical technical analysis education.”
  3. Where do you think $CRYPTO will have the fastest adoption (Asia, Europe, America…), and why?
    “No definite answer on this but I believe it will be Asia. 
    Aside China, user adoption in South East Asia is extremely fast with Japan leading the way.”
  4. What indicators in TA you use the most and why?
    “If there is only 1 choice for TA, i will use Ichimoku indicator which is a versatile all-in-one indicator that gives you a good picture of market trends and momentum suitable for all timeframes.
    Other common indicators I use are ADX, EMAs, Bollinger Bands, Stoch and RSI.”
  5. #1 recommendation to $CRYPTO noobs?
    “Don’t follow any trading calls blindly and always do your own research and due diligence.
    Understand the different between trading and investment and your risk appetite and tolerance levels.
    If you are a trader, be clear what style of trading you want to adopt — Do you want to be Day Trader or Swing Trader or Positional Trader?
    Invest in time to learn technical analysis which is applicable not only to crypto markets but also to other instruments (forex, commodities, stocks etc..).”

Peter is a professional financial adviser, he is a good source to get a feel from the markets, from crypto, forex, commodities, you name it, he is on top of it.