Q&A with @CryptoHustle

Panama Crypto
Mar 17, 2018 · 3 min read

1. Who is @CryptoHustle, what is his background?

I started off as a pleb, working shit jobs that I didn’t like, selling time for money. Got into crypto in 2013 and most of 2014 was experimental and losing money. Went full-time into crypto trading in 2015 and am currently running a school with Chris Dunn at skillincubator.com . I also have a site cryptohustle.com but have been too busy trading to maintain it. I’m now the master of my own time and am financial independent for life.

2. What are you currently working on and what are your plans for 2018 onwards?

Planning on investing more energy towards my website again. Also doing a lot more travelling in 2018.

3. What your first month of crypto looked like?

FOMO. Being obsessed and spending every waking moment studying crypto.

4. Bitcoin 2018 outlook and beyond?

We’ll likely see more regulatory pressure on ICO tokens. Also wouldn’t be surprised to see decentralized exchanges gain more traction.

5. China, Russia, USA seem to have no consensus yet on crypto, will they board the train?

USA seems like it’s embraced the industry more but wanting to control it. Russia needs to play catch up, after trying to ban it for so long. China seems to have cracked down the most.

6. Decentralized? Centralized? Or a Mix?

A mix depending on the task. Some applications are more efficient via centralization and making “all things” decentralized is redundant and can be inefficient. Decentralization seems to work well with controlling one's own money but so many vaporware DAPPs are useless.

7. Your opinion on ICOs?

Great way to raise funds and can help boost open-source development. The main problem is that too many noobs got into crypto and launched ICOs to raise millions before putting in the time. There’s also a lot of scams.

8. Sought ICOs you looking to participate?

Tezos was the last one I participated in. I’m also excited about my friend Eijah’s Promether project because he’s a genius when it comes to writing code.

9. How are your mining skills?

So/so, I dabbled in it in 2014 and lost a bunch of money. Trading is easier for me because there’s no maintenance costs.

10. Who will be Ethereum legitimate contender?


11. Top 5 mistakes in crypto that will lose you shitload of money?

Being impatient and trying to make too much money before putting in the time.

Thinking you know more than you do, no short cuts for experience.

Not knowing how to trade a bear market and knife catching shitcoins all the way down instead of waiting for proper accumulation.

Not considering USD portfolio value at all time highs.

Lack of risk management.


@CryptoHustle man, what a privilege. Wanted to achieve this Q&A before his 100k followers, cheers mate, keep hustling hard.

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