Reid Pancoe

Blog #1

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.

The role of social media and advertising within a business is very important. A business can reach almost any person, located on any part of the world with the effective use of advertising on social media. Some businesses use social media to force products down your throat and others use it as a tool to allow followers to join on the journey. I’ve noticed that some businesses throw up a large amount of content in one single post. This can confuse, annoy, and deter potential customers or followers. Advertising isn’t always about showing off your product and forcing it on people. I will be discussing a very important method in helping your business make a few wise altercations to your marketing strategy via social media. This method is called the Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.

Gary Vaynerchuk, an author and social media expert wrote a book titled: “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.” explains how a business should utilize free content in attracting customers/followers on social media. This simply means that instead of posting your first tweet of the day and it containing a link to register for an email subscription list, you should give free content or benefits of following the business. By posting a registration sign up, you have told your audience nothing about the company or what the product or service is. Instead, post a few tweets or pictures about the company and what It must offer. You must strategically post on social media so people can see a “trail” of helpful information on your timeline. Each jab is a “free” bit of advice about the company or just a helpful tip in general. The more jabs you include, the more interested the viewer may become. After you consistently jab, your right hook could be to register for a sign-up list, attend the conference, or become a sponsor.

For example: I am interning with a digital marketing firm called DOYO Live and there is a vast amount of helpful content at my disposal. Of course, my goal is to gain new followers for each account, try to get people to come to our annual conference, and possibly pull new sponsors into the mix. These goals are not easy to achieve, especially if I don’t strategically and consciously plan the social media posts.

1) In the morning I will post a link to DOYO Live’s homepage. After that, I may post about 7–8 links about marketing or whatever our contributor has to offer for that day. These posts rarely about the company DOYO Live. They are simply helpful videos/articles.

2) I will then incorporate DOYO Live’s other platforms in posts so that our viewers can see that we are not only on twitter, but a wide range of social media platforms. This keeps the viewer engaged at all times and on multiple forms of media.

3) I will then post a link about an exclusive opportunity to obtain VIP content from our site. This is an email registry; however, it is optional and it takes 1 minute to complete. After people see what we have to offer from the jabs, they will be more likely to sign up due to the lack of ignorance toward our goal and mission.

4) I will then post a few more blogs or influential videos form our daily blog. Making sure I stay consistent with the material and in a timely manner.

5) Finally, here comes the Right Hook. I will share our homepage, conference info, and sponsorship opportunities.

This process is done to ensure the viewer is getting helpful content regardless if they follow our account or stay tuned once a month to see what we have to offer. Early tweets consist of introducing the company or a picture to caption the day, this is a warm up for our viewers. Viewers love to see something quick and memorable while browsing on social media. This allows our audience to see exactly where the content is coming from, so they may follow up and research themselves. The blog posts are there to offer free advice to anyone, especially business professionals that are looking to step their game up. The more content on a consistent basis, the more people will be involved. One of our contributors for the account is a doctor, he recently posted a video about how to make your next family doctors appointment more efficient and informational. Instead of posting this at 9am while everyone is working, I may post this between 5:00pm — 6:30pm. This is because I know that most of the audience is sitting at home, probably with their children while they read it. If they find it helpful, especially for their children, they will be more likely to remember where they received that useful and family friendly advice. Blogs regarding marketing or other helpful business advice will be posted throughout the day. At some point, viewers will take time out of their day and check their timelines or stories to see what they missed. The objective is to ensure that our viewers will either save the link and check it out later, or maintain some sort of concentration to the post or blog. After all the blogs are utilized, I will once again post a link with our homepage, conference date, and sponsorship opportunities aka the Right Hook. This is just a reminder at the end of the day of what there is to offer if you follow and sign up for content from DOYO Live. I want DOYO Live’s homepage to be the first and last thing they see before they go to sleep and when they wake up. This keeps the thought of our operation fresh in their heads.