Market Report-August 29, 2017

Hey world, hello from Vancouver Island, home of some of the best growers on the planet! We did have an interview with one of Vancouver Island’s finest, but those plans got kyboshed with our trip out to beautiful Squamish BC for the Fore20 golf tournament. So much fun. And, not to toot our own horn too much, but we won 1st place in the cup with the Blueberry Kush shatter (People’s Choice!). A big shout out to our hosts, Chad and Tanya Jacket of Liberty Farms, and a big thank you to the organizers Tanya Jacket and Tanya Ceperly (Cannabis Life Network). Dabs and j’s at the golf course? Dabs delivered on a golf cart? Next level golf let me tell you. We will definitely be back next year.

Anyways, back to the market action. Last week the bid was split between quads and trips with quads edging up in price as more and more consumers are opting for quality over quantity. Really nice trips (aka, “trust me bro, they’re quads”) were bid up last week fetching almost 1900/lb, as buyers tried to find the best flower on the island. Again, sub par weed (so mid to low trips) were beaten up pretty badly, with the bid hitting as low as 1100 for flower that has crossed our path.

Clearly the weed market is moving in two directions. Smaller farms, that produce top quality quads, are going to be able to command top prices; whereas anything produced on a commercial scale that isn’t high quality will be finding fewer and fewer bids. We might even see a repeat of 2006 when prices bottomed at $600/lb for mid trips.

That’s all from us at LTC this week. Have a rad day and have fun all you stashbox people, they are looking great! (they ship September 5th because of the holiday here…sorry).