Apple to developers: There is no escape.
Quincy Larson

As disappointing as this announcement is, and as tempting as it might seem to buy as competitively priced PC laptop and just run Linux on it, I think Apple still wins on the overall package.

Desktop Linux has come a long way, but it’s still a far cry from the Mac. It just takes way too much time to set up. I just got a new MacBook for work and within a few hours I was ready to write code.

This summer, I had to use a Linux machine because I had left my laptop in an airplane, and it took me at least a week until I had reached a level of productivity that was comparable to a Mac. Even then, I still had to make do without certain apps, or hopelessly outdated Linux versions (I’m looking at you, Skype!)

And we’re just talking about writing code here, where most of the tools are Open Source. When it comes to editing photos or making music, Linux is left in the dust faster than you can say Photoshop.

Yes, Apple is at a weird stage right now. There’s a lot of open trenches in their ecosystem. Let’s hope this is a transitionary period. If not, it may not be very long until the competitors catch up.

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