We are committed to make cryptocurrency easy to use and accessible to everyone, everywhere!

As a part of our project that aims to bring Pandacoin tipping to all social media platforms, we are proud to announce PandaTipbot for Telegram.

PandaTipbot allows you to receive, store, and share pandacoins with your friends or acquaintances, right on your favorite messaging platform: Telegram.

We have been working hard to make it as reliable as possible, and provide you with the best Telegram tip bot in the cryptocurrency ecosystem!

The beta phase has been a great success thanks to our community members and their…

The Panda4F@H initiative aims to donate unused computer power to scientific research through Folding@Home, and at the same time, reward those who dedicate that power to the cause. For this, the program continually raises and distributes funds according to everyone’s contribution to team work.

Folding@Home is a distributed computing project which uses the power of almost 200 000 computers across the world, generating 135 000 TeraFLOPS. All this force is dedicated to research, with major implications into Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s disease and many forms of cancer.

We want to strike hard and get people talking about how charitable the Pandacoin…

Last week, we have reached out to our community to decide the future logo of Pandacoin. We thank everyone who voted and present you with the results of the contest:

🎊 Congratulations to Carl Schmidt (aka Rhinox) for winning! He earns the prize of 250 000 PND.

Our congratulations go to the second and third place as well. They receive 100 000 and 50 000 PND respectively.

🌟 Moreover, we have decided to award 10 000 PND to every single participant as a sign of gratitude for their time and design skills.

Keep an eye on further announcement and logo changes here and there!

As always, thank you for your amazing support!

🚀 Telegram: @DigitalPandacoin
🗯 Discord: Digital Pandacoin Server
🐤 Twitter: @PandacoinPND
👥 Facebook: @PandacoinPND
👾 Slack: Request an invite
🤓 IRC: #DigitalPandacoin

To give Pandacoin its deserved strength and exposure, we have reached out to our great community to design the future logo of Pandacoin.

The Pandacoin development team would like to thank everyone for their time and design skills towards Pandacoin’s future logo. We have received dozens of submissions as of today, the last day for logo submissions. The team has therefore chosen 6 finalists which are suitable for our vision of the Pandacoin project.

We now call upon our community to choose the future logo of Pandacoin. …

Pandacoin Team

We’re a team of volunteers

The development team that is in place now is a healthy mixture of new and old team members. The original creators who brought the coin to life, the workhorses who kept it going over the years while it struggled to keep its purpose, and the new staff who are excited to join the team and help take the project to heights it has not seen. While the staff is made up entirely of volunteers, on 30/1/2018, charter and non-disclosure agreements were signed to add long term structure to the project that was originally created just to help out some folks…

Currently we are working on rebranding Pandacoin (PND) to create a stronger position in the cryptocurrency market.
We felt that our current logo isn’t presenting Pandacoin as it should and needs to be redesigned towards the current trends on the internet.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” — Anne Frank

Honest and Fair

What do you think when you see these two words individually? How about when used together? They are two words that can mindlessly be thrown together, but do they have a real meaning in cryptocurrency? We feel they should. That’s the reason it is one of our largest commitments and one that we stand behind proudly.

Honest and Fair means that the Pandacoin team leads with integrity at all times. Pandacoin was created with a fair notification. Without an ICO. Without a premine. Without an instamine. Honest and Fair.


Honest and fair digital currency for everyone.

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