Immortality: On reading Matt Ridley

Nothing last forever, and we both know hearts can change, 
It’s hard to hold a candle, in the cold November rain….
”-November Rain Guns N’ Roses.

How perfectly poetic can life be. Nothing last forever, you may have heard this phrase many a time in your life. This is just a spread-out version of saying, things are mortal.

With all my senses, I somehow say this, Science is beautiful, as Carl Sagan says, a candle in dark. It can answer quite a lot of question. It maybe wrong in many places, but it is a self correcting enterprise. It is open to questions, and changes.

Genes are immortal. They have, metaphorically speaking, traversed the planet from the dawn of life, till the present moment. Four billion year of journey, fifty million times photocopy, and yet they are, intact in the most purest sense.

Consider this, take a original copy of any document, take it to the photocopy machine(most people call it Xerox. This happens when a brand name becomes a parasite. It is called genericide). Start making a copy. From original make the first copy. Call it copy1. Now from copy1 make copy2 and so on. By the time you reach 120–130 copy, you will start feeling that the original is nowhere exactly similar to the copy120. If you do it more, after certain number of copies, the page would be loosing its originality. But look at your genes. 50 million times photocopy, and yet as perfect as they are. Amazing I find this to be.