PANDOBLOG 01/13/16


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yesterday was a day alright I woke up and watched black dota monster stream for a while and played runescape at the same time

honestly black is SO based what a god i told him i loved him at TI5 and he said he loves me back and he signed my antimage plush at TI4 literal bonjovi

this is ur typical PA fangay anime autist

anyway while i was watching THAT i played a little RUNESCAPE and started working on getting a dragon defender on my alt account and I ALSO finally got 88 RC on my main for FUCKS sake

me getting 88 RC 91 soon the guy next to me is 20x better than me though what a god of runescape

after I got 88 RC i just played demonbane all day and I finished it that day(!!!!!!!)

well i havent told you much but its some kind of mech magic action VN type deal

the first route was pretty good solid game once i played that but all the other routes are just so repetitive it involves basically the same stuff but like theres some route specific stuff that happens in the middle of the game it makes it so boring to replay through this shit because you can’t skip through some of it and you have to read through mostly the same shit

theres also an EXCESSIVE amount of h-scenes in this game they just try to shove them in there every chance they get god damn

CG was good though plot was good though

anyway thats pretty much all I did that day aside from watching some runescape or something later that day i MISSED the EG games that day so yea